Monday, October 31, 2016


I have been thinking about Halloween's past. Using a Cheerio box, and some green construction paper to make a Frankenstein mask Remembering all the candy.

But one Halloween sticks out.

I was in either 4th or 5th grade, in previous classes on or near Halloween the classes from kindergarten to 3rd or 4th grade would dress up in costumes and run around in the gym. In my current grade we did not dress up But Dad and Mom were not aware of this fact.

So concerned I was going to be left out they gathered together items to make a costume including some Halloween make up. Dad drove into the school to give me the items. I, being a stupid kid, feeling embarrassed was more mad than thankful.

If I could quantum leap back in time to that moment, I would thank Dad for bringing it in, and I would want to give him a hug.
Thank you ,Mom. and Dad.,

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