Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Time

Today marks five months exactly since Dad's passing.

I love any time traveling movie:
."The Time Machine" (1960)
"Time After Time" (1979),
"Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" ( 1989)
"Back to the Future" I, II, and III (1985, 1989, 1990)
"About Time" (2013)
I even like "Hot Tub Time Machine
Thinking back to all my past Christmases, I never ever had to work on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. I don't remember ever not spending Christmas with my Mom and Dad. This is the first Christmas Eve and Day without my Dad.  If I ever was away from either of them, I do not recall.

One Christmas I bought a trophy for horseshoes. He had won some trophies but they were used for second place  and lower. But everytime he was part of the winning team, he did not recieve a trophy. So I went to a local store in Fargo ND and purchsed a trophy. I don't recall what the troyphy says.

One Christmas I gave Dad a DVD with the best of the Andy Girffith Show. We stayed up late, 10 PM, watching it. He shared remembering watching television with his mother.

He never needed anything. Finding a gift that just said "I love you Dad." was not always easy to find.

Dad loved chocolate covered peanuts Candy was always a good buy.

If I could go back in time.  I would want to go back to Christmas 1968, my first Christmas. Now
But since time machinses to not exist we use pictures  We are so lucky now to have ways of caputring these moments.
During the project of scanning in pictures, I have discovered some pictures from Christmas 1968. We were spending Christmas at my Mom's father's home.

Now we are not talking about a quantum leap method where I would have to take the place of someone, but as I am now. I would be a stranger, but yet Dad would know who I was.

When I think of the past

 I don't recall there ever being anything like a car seat. Maybe Mom held me in her lap the whole trip. My two older brothers sitting in the back.

Weather Underground showed the temperatures for Aitkin Mn During this time as being a high of 18 on Christmas Eve. 16 on Christmas day.  The days surrounding that time 18-20 for highs.
Sharing a meal with them would
be wonderful.
To sit at the table and share a meal with them. 

Dad would be  47 years old. I am now
 older than him in this picture
 I would like to know what all the presents were. What was the music being played? I wonder if the tree was real.

Another method  to takes us back to those moments is diaries. Mom will allow to me look through her diaries after she passes, but maybe I could get her to review some entries now. I would love to learn about the past Christmases. Diaries can be the best thing let us know our history. I would love to see those Christmas pasts.

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